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Listen to your crowd, measure follower emotions, control the narrative and optimize your content with AI insights leveraging GPT-4.

Introducing SafeSocial – the app that empowers you to stay safe and succeed online. Defend against online toxicity with AI-backed protection, based on GPT-4, and dive deep into data-driven insights to optimize your content. Start your journey towards a better online experience today.

Currently supporting Instagram & TikTok, with support for YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook coming soon.

List of features

Advanced Comment Filtering: Say goodbye to hate speech, toxic comments, and spam. SafeSocial’s AI-powered filters automatically block unwanted content, ensuring a safer online space for you.

User Filtering: Take control of your online community. Identify and block toxic users to maintain a positive environment on your social media accounts.

Insightful Analytics: Dive deep into your content’s performance and audience engagement. Gain valuable insights powered by AI analytics to optimize your content strategy and reach your audience effectively.

Data-Driven Growth: SafeSocial is not just about protection; it’s about growth. Use our insights to boost your online presence, connect with your audience, and cultivate a healthier online community.

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