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PartyMasters – Audistar Int.Ed info

Party Masters is Audistar’s International Edition with multilanguage include English and Chinese. PartyMasters has fun rhythm gameplay, cool personalized attire, massive pop music library, no longer lonely in making friends and chatting!


PartyMasters is a sub era music and dance mobile game. Enjoy the hot blood street dance Battle, and exciting&smooth operation with fingers! Sweet Encounter and Social Romance~Dynamic, Competitive&show off your Dancing Power~Fashionable costumes to match freely~Make a fashion blockbuster as you like~Come and find romantic love together, and begin a new chapter of your sweet dating in PartyMasters!


·Play in BEAT Style

PartyMasters mobile game has evolved in an all-round way. With the most dazzling stage scenes, the coolest original costumes, and the most fashionable music and dance gameplay, PartyMasters has made its debut!

·The Strongest PartyMasters

The most BEAT style social party! LBS to find partners in your city. Love with one tap and socialize easily. There are also parties with 50 people in Hot Spring Plaza in the same screen. Soak in the hot spring, set off fireworks, interact with each other and feel your heart racing. The original DJ Song Request gameplay makes the whole audience rock with your rhythm!

·Sub Era Art

Sub era game quality, realistic fashionable chibi style and lifelike characters. The world-class night view of the city with flowers, which is very immersive. Gorgeous and cool stages with sound waves, and you can’t resist the dynamic rhythm.

·Born My Way

Hundreds of fashionable and luxury co-branding clothes to make your ultimate dream come true. Original DIY gameplay of clothing, and you’ll never wear the same as others. The white horse tail, big wings, and the classic styles are reproduced. You must be beautiful when playing the game~

·Super Pleasure of Rhythm

More than 200 top songs in China, Europe, America and Asia, with an exclusive library of massive songs. Enjoy the hottest songs in the world and show your hand speed. Beatmaps made by professional music team with accurate Hit-Feedback to rhythms. Challenge ALL PERFECT record!

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