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Penguin Icefishing info

🌊 Penguin Fishing Haven 🐧🎣

You can’t leave the hot south as it is. Penguins, who have lost their homes, embark on a fishing adventure to raise funds and reclaim their habitat. Take charge as the boss of Penguin Fishing Place and aid these adorable birds on their journey to survival.

Welcome cute animal guests with penguins and develop Antarctica.

🔍 Features:Features:

🎣 Help the penguins fish

Dig a hole in the ice, cast your line, and wait for a variety of fish to bite. Keep an eye on the ever-changing weather for a successful catch!

🐧 Hire the staff

Meet a variety of cute penguins eager to join your team. They can’t wait to work alongside you!

🎉 Welcome various animal guests

Penguins aren’t the only ones interested in your fish! Greet different animal friends, complete their orders, and raise funds to develop Antarctica.

🔄 It’s okay to leave it unattended

Even when you’re not actively playing, enjoy watching the penguins diligently fishing. Give them a little attention, and they’ll work even harder.

🌟Download now and dive into the charming world of Penguin Fishing Haven!🌊🐧

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