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Physics Lab is all-in-one Sensor app which let you know physical entities around you like acceleration, magnetic fields, light intensity, sound decibel and much more…

Physics Lab measures physical parameters by using your device sensors which typical device contain bunch of those sensors! Application give output in high precision with short intervals based on your sensor’s capabilities.

In Physics Lab, you can observe physical data in coordinates (X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis) or in scalar magnitude. If you want, you can export sensor data into Excel by one click! Using export to excel feature you can obtain statistical information about your measurement.

Physical quantities that can be measured Physics Lab:

* Accelerometer: Measuring acceleration around your device. Output in m/s2 for x, y and z axes. Also, you can eliminate gravity from your measurements by one click and see real acceleration.

* Magnetometer: Measuring magnetic field around your device. Output in µT for x, y and z axes.

* Gyroscope: Measure angular inclination in x, y and z axes. Output in degree (°)

* Luxmeter: Measure light intensity on your device’s front face. Output in lux.

* Barometer: Measure atmospheric pressure. Output in bar.

* Noisemeter: Measure loudness around you. Output in dB.

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