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Pic simulator-FR info

Using this assembler and simulator, you can assemble and simulate your asm project for almost all 8 bit micro-controllers from microchip. This software supports almost all (nearly 200) micro-controllers of PIC10xx, PIC12xx and PIC16xx series.

You can compile and simulate most of microchip/mplab’s samples directly without any change. The assembler doesn’t recognize macro. So, for some mplab samples, you have to change some code.

The simulator doesn’t support timers, spi, adc and other modules. But, you can compile/build your asm project for those modules. The simulator just ignores those peripherals.

ASM files are compiled as soon as you open or edit them. You can generate and save list and hex file also.

Smart error reporting. Error lines are highlighted by yellow background. By touching/clicking the error lines, you can see the error

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