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If you love bonsai and are passionate about taking care of bonsai, you will not be able to ignore the PictureThis application. An application that, just by hearing its name, many people will think is a photography application. But actually, this is an encyclopedia of ornamental plants, capable of identifying any type of plant just by its photo.

Introducing PictureThis

PictureThis is a great application for bonsai lovers in particular and plants in general to identify exactly what type of tree is in front of them. Launched in 2017, the application quickly targeted people in groups who are passionate about taking care of ornamental plants and received extremely positive reviews from the community. Up to now, there have been tens of millions of downloads of PictureThis at the Google Play store.

Identify ornamental plants with pictures

PictureThis uses advanced image recognition technology, trained with AI to analyze and identify the characteristic features of plants based on the images provided. This technology not only recognizes shapes and colors but also looks at small features such as leaves, flowers, stems or any other characteristic features that the average person would have difficulty recognizing. From there, the application creates an accurate, multi-dimensional identification system.

To ensure accuracy, PictureThis’s recognition algorithm is continuously optimized through software updates. With the knowledge processing and absorption capabilities of AI technology, data from the user community, including contributions of images and detailed information about plants, is integrated to improve the ability Identify and expand the application’s database. The more you ask, take more photos, and contribute more, the more comprehensive the application becomes.

Provides detailed information about plants

After successfully identifying the plant, PictureThis not only introduces the species name but also provides detailed information about the characteristics of that plant. Characteristics include shape, biological characteristics, origin, habitat… You will immediately know almost everything about the plant that just a minute ago had no information at all. about it.

In addition, PictureThis also provides a library of high-quality images of the type of tree you just searched for for reference or comparison purposes with the tree standing in front of you, to see if your tree has any unusual points or not.

In some cases, the plant you just photographed is toxic or may be an ingredient for making illegal drugs and can harm the environment, pets or even yourself. PictureThis will immediately send a warning to your device asking you to stay away from that thing. This is a very useful feature that helps you avoid getting into health or legal trouble.

Diverse plant library

According to information provided by the publisher, PictureThis can identify more than 17,000 different plant species with an accuracy of up to 98% (it is unknown whether this information is accurate or not, if you have free time, you can try counting it and comment below the article on APKMODY.COM).

This means a very large plant library is waiting for you to explore. PictureThis can identify almost all plant species that have been found in the world. In particular, this data is continuously updated to best serve your experience. Now, there will no longer be a plant that you cannot identify!

Instructions for caring for each specific type of plant

This is a feature that bonsai enthusiasts cannot ignore! Accordingly, each identified plant will be accompanied by a detailed care guide, providing information on the amount of water needed, suitable soil type, sunlight level and ideal nutritional needs. In addition, PictureThis will also give you a lot of advice when delving into specific situations such as notes related to local climate, season or weather conditions.

Besides, PictureThis is also a useful memory tool. The application tracks your care history based on notes about the care schedule for any type of plant, then generates statistics about activities such as watering, fertilizing, or even changes in the surrounding environment. that plant. This information not only helps you not forget the care schedule that you must follow, but also monitors your progress and whether your care process is effective or not.

MOD APK version of PictureThis

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Download PictureThis MOD APK for Android

With a deep and wide knowledge of plants and the ability to identify with almost absolute accuracy, PictureThis will be an effective tool for those who are passionate about learning about and taking care of plants. If you are a true bonsai enthusiast, there is no reason for you to miss PictureThis!

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