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Planet Explorer-My Mini Star info

In the distant universe, many planets are invaded and occupied by a group of unknown alien creatures. These creatures are ferocious and cruel, enjoying plunder and destruction.

In order to protect the planet and expel them, it is not only necessary to engage in fierce battles with evil creatures, but also to collect rare resources on the planet to continuously enhance one’s own strength.

Over time, we have continuously mastered advanced technology and strategies. The space warriors bravely advanced, repeatedly repelling the attacks of evil creatures. In the arduous struggle, they learned how to fully utilize their own advantages and defeat the enemy with the highest efficiency.

After intense battles, the space warriors, with their tenacious will and fearless courage, eliminated all the evil creatures lurking on each planet.

Let the planet regain its freedom, restore tranquility and peace, and become the heroes of the planet. Their bravery and sacrifice will always be remembered by people.

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