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Pokemon Paldean Fates Booster Bundles, Mini Tins, And More Available At GameStop

It’s been more than a year since the launch of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet properly introduced us to the Paldea region. A whole new area to explore filled with new and familiar Pokemon alike. The connections to Paldea throughout the Pokemon universe will continue for years to come, of course, including in 2024 when you’ll be able to get your hands on an all-new Pokemon TCG expansion. Paldean Fates will be here in early 2024, and some of its products are available to pre-order at GameStop right now if you act fast.



GameStop currently has pre-orders for six different Paldean Fates products in stock, all of which are available for less if you’re a pro member. Topping the bill is the Paldean Fates Booster Bundle. The Booster Bundle does exactly what it says on the box as inside that box will be six booster packs, filled with cards from the Paldean Fates expansion. You can pre-order Booster Bundles through the link below for $26.99, but you won’t get them until at least February 23, 2024.


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Also available are the Paldean Fates Mini Tins. Mini Tins have become an incredibly popular element of the Pokemon TCG as players not only try to get the cards they want through the Booster Packs included with them, but they also try to get their hands on all of the different tins. There are five different designs available in the Paldean Fates Mini Tins collection, featuring Pokemon such as Smoliv and Tinkatink. The tins you receive will be down to chance, but you can order ten of them at a time from GameStop if you want to increase your chances of getting all five.

Pokemon TCG Paldean Fates Booster Bundle

Pokemon TCG Paldean Fates Booster Bundle

The Pokemon TCG’s Paldean Fates expansion arrives in early 2024, adding more than 100 shinies to the game. The Booster Bundle ups your chances of finding those shinies, six Booster Packs awaiting you in every box.

Also in stock at GameStop right now is the Paldean Fates Elite Trainer Box and ex Premium Collection, among other things launching as part of the expansion next year. Some of the items will be released on the same day as the expansion (January 26, 2024) while others won’t be available until February like the Booster Bundle. The chance to secure everything you’ll want out the gate should be jumped on if you can though as everything connected to Paldean Fates will be hard to find between now, its release, and beyond.

Pokemon TCG Paldean Fates Mini Tin

Pokemon TCG Paldean Fates Mini Tin

The Pokemon TCG’s Paldean Fates expansion also includes its very own Mini Tins. Five of them to collect, each with different Pokemon on the front and two Booster Packs, as well as a sticker sheet, waiting inside.

Pokemon confirmed details about the TCG’s Paldean Fates expansion earlier this month, revealing it will add more than 100 new shinies to the game. If you can’t wait for 2024 to get your hands on some new Pokemon cards, there are pop-ups appearing all over Europe right now giving away exclusive Pikachu and Eevee cards.


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