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Pomni Circus : Horror Story info

Pomni Circus Scary Horror Story is a first person horror escape Jump scare clown monster game which you can play for free. In this Horror Story clown monster wracking game you wake up inside of an abandoned Magic Circus House, which seems to be a really Spooky scene, and get out alive.

Find your way out of that horrible clown monster Circus House place without being noticed by the killer Digital Pomni clown monster , who just can’t stop walking around Haunted house looking for her next victim. Of course, you have to avoid making any noise or Digital Pomni will get you, so be careful not to hit objects around you.

Pomni Circus : Horror Story clown monster invites you to participate in a disturbing and terrifying adventure game in which you will have to do your best to escape alive from the Digital Pomni of a dangerous Digital Clown monster characters. After several hours trapped in a room, you are starting to go really crazy and the only way to escape from there is to pay attention to your surroundings to find the way out.

Observe every corner of the Haunted house room, find the necessary keys to open different doors and run away without looking back before the Clown monster character catches up with you and your life is in serious danger. Run through all the The amazing Circus rooms, hide under tables if necessary and stay very still so the girl can’t detect you and leave – run if you get the chance and don’t get caught!

Escape From Pomni Circus : Horror Story is more than just a game; it’s an experience. Are you brave enough to step into the ring and escape clown monster ?

Download now and face your fears!

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