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Puppy Pop Game info

Puppy Pop is a super fun casual gaming game. Exquisite visuals, easy to get started, playing levels to win treasure chests requires careful planning of each step and using one’s brain to eliminate obstacles; The ever-changing gameplay, dazzling special effects, and rebellious obstacles bring an extraordinary experience of passing levels and a sense of achievement; You can compete with friends in the championship, interact intimately, and enjoy a variety of activities and gameplay!

[More refreshing click to click operation]

A simple finger click operation allows for smooth elimination, making it easy to get started and relaxing for relaxation.

【 Wonderful levels with rich props 】

The exquisite map theme and numerous meticulously designed levels take you on a wonderful adventure journey. Versatile props to help pass levels, multiple combinations to ignite the full screen, making it easy to pass levels is not a dream!

[Pass the level smoothly to obtain a treasure chest]

By passing the level and collecting stars, you can open the treasure chest and receive numerous props and rewards. You can easily pass the level without stopping!

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