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Quiz & Makeover Skibydi Head info

How well do you know Skibydi Toilet? Can you choose the correct Skibidi head by its best scene photo? Challenge yourself with Quiz & Makeover Skibydi Head quizzes and create your own unique monsters.

🚽❓ Skibydi Toilet Head Quiz

– Choose the correct head, mouth, or eyes of Skibydi Toilet monster among the following picture A, B, or C.

– Enjoy watching the video result.

– Use your skills and knowledge of Skibydi Toilet monster to pass the first 5 levels and unlock Makeover Mode.

– Click the free HINT button whenever you need.

🚽❓ Makeover your Toilet monster

– You can choose 2 makeover modes: Single Mode and Couple Mode.

– Mix and match your toilet monster: head, eyes, body, accessories, etc and make it stand out.

– Watch it dance and show off its moves.

– Create more fun & unique monsters by unlocking special parts to makeover.

Game features:

– Multi modes to choose: Skibydi Quiz mode and Makeover mode.

– 50 ++ quiz to challenge yourself.

– Various elements to makeover your unique monster.

– Smooth and addictive gameplay.

Are you confident to be a true fan of Skibydi Toilet and Camera head heroes? Discover the epic battles between Skibydi toilet army and Camera head heroes with Quiz & Makeover Skibydi Head and solve all quizzes. Download, solve Skibydi Toilet quiz, and makeover now!

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