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Ragdoll Cannon 3D: Melon Break info

In Ragdoll Cannon: Melon playground you will control a ragdoll that sits in a cannon. Your task is to aim and hit the ring with the ragdoll. On the level there are various obstacles and traps that you need to bypass or overcome.

The game starts with a simple level that has no obstacles. You can just aim and shoot. But as you progress through the game, the levels become more difficult. Obstacles like walls, spikes and traps appear on them. You need to calculate the right trajectory of your shot to hit the ring without hitting the obstacles.

There are many levels in the game, each of which is unique. You will be traveling through different locations. At each level new challenges are waiting for you.

Game Features:

– Easy to learn game mechanics.

– Ragdoll physics, physics on all objects.

– Many levels with various obstacles and traps.

– Beautiful graphics and animation.

– Many different dolls that have their own physics

– Melon playground

Ragdoll Cannon is a fun game that will appeal to players of all ages. It is easy to learn but challenging to play through. The game has many levels with various obstacles and traps that will make you break your head. Yes, this game is also a puzzle. Each level is not necessary to think about how to pass.

Also in regdoll game there are various boosters, such as grenade, which can destroy the traps on the location or booster to increase the ring, which will help you pass a difficult level. As you progress, earn coins to buy new ragdolls.

Download Ragdoll Shooter: Melon playground today and start your adventure!

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