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Real Crash World Car Simulator info

Try different racing cars and enjoy the real car crash with our car deformation and car crash physics. Unlike other games where you have to escape from vehicles, here you can have an inconclusive car accident, hit as many cars as possible and cause a fatal accident.

Car Crash, arabaların yok edilmesinin inanılmaz derecede gerçekçi bir simülatörüdür. Tehlikeli çöplüklerde dokuzdan başlayıp modern yabancı arabalarla biten arabaların test sürüşlerini yapın. Araba listesi: 2109, 2110, 2115, Priora, Volga, BMW E38, Mercedes w221, Mercedes CLS, BMW M7, Ford ROM, Range Rover, Gelik, Chrysler limuzin.

In this game, do careless driving in real life, without worrying about obeying traffic rules, put on your seatbelt, follow traffic rules and try not to have a traffic accident.

If you like car crush, car crash, traffic accidents and car crash games, then this is your game and enjoy the car traffic collision experience.

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