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Retro Survival: Car Apocalypse info

Do you like hardcore survival, fast racing and endless attack of monsters? Expect the most exciting process from our game Retro Survival: Car Apocalypse!

πŸš— Self-expression on WHEELS: Drive your own car, improve it and feel the adrenaline at its maximum. Enjoy endless freedom of maneuver in a post-apocalyptic world.

🧟 FIGHT MONSTERS: Prepare for the most terrifying monster attacks ever. Clockwork, aggressive and ready to attack. Use your skill and ingenuity to survive.

πŸ”« BEST WEAPONS: Build your perfect arsenal. Choose from a wide selection of weapons including machine guns, rocket launchers, flamethrowers and more. Increase your chances of survival.

🌍 VARIOUS LOCATIONS: Go on a journey through different locations in search of tasks and new challenges. Every corner of the world hides danger and incredible treasures.

πŸ”“ UNLOCK MYSTERIES: Unlock and upgrade your car weapons by solving puzzles and completing missions. Even the strongest players will be interested.

πŸ”₯ FUEL AND CAPTURE STATIONS: Keep track of fuel for your car and conquer capture stations for valuable bonuses. Survival is your first priority.

πŸ‘Ύ BOSSES AND LEVELS OF DIFFICULTY: Go into battle against terrifying bosses as well as tough monsters and overcome increasing levels of danger. Try your strength on the edge of survival.

Complexity? Hardcore? Hopelessness? Near! Made for survival fans, but easy to master for everyone.

Join the hundreds of thousands of players already immersed in Retro Survival: Car Apocalypse. Show your skill in hardcore mode, survive and go to the highest peaks!

πŸ“₯Retro Survival: Car Apocalypse. Get ready for a hardcore apocalypse on wheels!

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