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Rotate the Circle: Ring Puzzle info

Rotate the Circle: Ring Puzzle is a simple yet addictive Ring puzzle game.

Do you want a brain teasing game? 🧠

Do you love the puzzle of Dragonscapes Adventure but more minimal? 🧩Try Rotate the Circle: Ring Puzzle right now!

In this free game, your task is simple: rotate the circle to unlock the rings!

You can enjoy different kinds of colorful rings in this puzzle game, such as Bomb Rings, Rocket Rings, S-shaped rings, D-shaped rings, C-shaped rings, in addition to other challenges. You can explore a ton of thrilling puzzle levels in the game. This is another fun game for you if you enjoy mini-games like Pull Him Out, Pull the Pin or Gardenscapes.


• Players of all ages can enjoy the simple yet addictive gameplay of the ring puzzle; rotating the circle is more thrilling than you might imagine.

• Puzzle games with various levels of difficulty and level designs guarantee the game’s challenge and enjoyment.

• Many mechanics to learn: D-rings, S-rings, C-lock rings, Ring locks, or even barriers that explode

• Rotate the Circle: Ring Puzzle is a free game, also an offline game.


• Rescue your rainbow friends with rocket ring mode

• Resolve the Bomb ring puzzle and challenge yourself with this free game

• Hammer Ring mode will help you destroy rings to unlock the puzzle, offline games

• Rotate the rings and get you funny friend out of the cage

Rotate the Circle: Ring Puzzle offers fun and challenging circle puzzle game mode. Whether during leisure time or being offline, you can enjoy this addictive game. Play Rotate the Circle: Ring Puzzle now! 🎮

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