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Royal Craft 2 info

For players who prefer to face difficult challenges every day and be on the verge of death every minute, we recommend choosing the survival mode – hunger, lack of resources and evil monsters will create many problems for the main character. Cope with the challenges as they come and don’t forget to invite your friends to the game so you can fight the threats together.


an endless 3D game world generated randomly;

customize your hero using stylish skins;

flexible control and graphics settings;

crafting, construction and battles;

creativity and survival mode.

If the Survival format seems exhausting and difficult for you, then we recommend choosing the Creative mode, in which you don’t have to think about extracting resources and fighting mobs, and use Royal Craft playing time to implement creative ideas. Build primitive huts or majestic palaces, instantly move around the universe using the flight function, don’t think about getting food and face the fall of twilight without fear.

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