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With Rubba Partner, you can:

Manage Bookings: Easily keep track of your appointments, reschedule or cancel bookings, and ensure you never miss a session.

Staff Management: Whether you’re a solo practitioner or manage a team, Rubba Partner makes staff scheduling and communication effortless.

Service Customization: Update your service offerings, set pricing, and define durations for each type of massage or therapy you offer.

Review Feedback: Gain insights from client reviews and ratings to continuously improve your services and enhance client satisfaction.

Secure Payment System: Ensure hassle-free payment processes for your services, offering both hourly and fixed-rate payment options.

Real-time Notifications: Stay updated with instant notifications for new bookings, cancellations, or changes.

Rubba Partner is the perfect companion to the Rubba app, ensuring that while customers experience the ultimate in on-demand massage services, service providers can manage their business with unmatched efficiency and ease.

Offer a range of services including but not limited to:

Massage therapy



Therapeutic massage

Swedish massage

Deep tissue massage

Hot stone massage

Shiatsu massage

Sports massage

Prenatal massage

Chair massage


In-home massage

Boost your massage business like never before! Download Rubba Partner now and elevate your service management to the next level. Together with Rubba, let’s redefine the massage industry!

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