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Run & Rise: Runner Games info

Enter the adventure world of the tall run game filled with adventure, action ,fight, chase, race and fun.

Tall man runner is the ultimate fun, addictive and-run game with its amazing 3d graphics and stunning color themes. Tall runners give you a challenging and fun time to spend. Rush and run fast and use your brain to dodge the negative gates and collect rewards by passing the positive gates .Prove yourself with fast race ,chase and run and hop and jump to battle the robber and hit a kick at his head.

Become a hero stickman by moving your stickman on the track in a smart way to collect points and make the stickman tall. Merge the stickman tall, making the right move by using your brain in a smart way, and collect the points to merge tall. The taller you get, the more fun the adventure becomes. Test your brain to move your stick man in the right direction to collect the maximum points and avoid the gates with negative points. Rush and make the stickman tall to pass the obstacles on the way with the right move. Enjoy the hop on the way, making you jump from one stage to another.

Feel the excitement of continuously running on the track, collecting the points, and kicking the horror robber at the end with a flying kick on his face.

Become a city hero by collecting diamonds and making the dream city of your imagination. Make the city look beautiful and fun to live in by making a donut house in the city with the earned diamonds. Have the fun of delicious food with a food point of the food enthusiast and lovers and bank to have money for the never-ending fun.

How to Play:

Move your stickman with a tap on the phone and move him carefully on the track to collect the most reward points. Pass the stickman from the gates with the maximum points so the stickman merges taller and gains power to pass the obstacles. Be careful that your stickman does not pass through the negative points gates, as the stickman loses points by passing through the negative points gates. Fight the robber and beat him with a flying kick.

Collect the diamonds and make the city a lively and fun place by utilizing the diamonds to make houses, food points, donuts, houses, and banks.

Game Feature :

Smooth, easy, and fun game controls: Feel the fun of moving the stick man with a single tab and merge him tall.Easy and fun gameplay, so you enjoy the game.

Never-ending fun with indefinite levels: Take the fun of indefinite levels with each level giving you an exciting surprise

Test your brain: test your brain to pass the gates and obstacles and use the brain to decide on what to build first in the city.

Impressive 3D Graphics: The game has stunning, amazing, unique, and appealing graphics, which make the game fun and exciting to play

City Theme: Build the city of your dreams by earning the diamonds and building houses, food points, donuts houses, and many more of your choices in your city

So are you ready to encounter the adventure world of Tall Run? Take the challenge and become the tallest man to beat the robber!

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