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Salad Wallpapers info

This app features a collection of high quality images for Salad

app info

1- high quality and beautiful images

2- support all devices and all screen sizes

3- support both tablets and mobiles

4- support fixed and scrollable wallpapers

5- very easy to be used 1- choose image 2- choose effect 3- set wallpaper

6- app size is small however it still work offline without internet

7- you can choose effects for images 1- grayscale 2- sepia

8- you can share the images on all social media like for example WhatsApp and Facebook

About Salad:

A salad is a dish consisting of mixed, mostly natural ingredients. They are typically served chilled or at room temperature, though some can be served warm. Condiments and salad dressings, which exist in a variety of flavors, are often used to enhance a salad.

Are you Salad fan, this app will amaze you, download it now.

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