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Shantisagar Calendar 2024 info

Dakshin Bharat Jain Organisation was founded in 1899. It was originally found to represent the Jains of the southern Maratha Country of the Bombay Presidency, including Kolhapur State, Belgaum and Sangli. The organization was established for the socio-economic and educational betterment of the Jain community. It has been credited for fostering a stronger sense of Jain identity and for ushering in social reforms in the Jain community. The organization has been involved in securing the status of an independent and minority religion for Jainism in India.The organization funds various educational institutions.

Dakshin Bharat ShantiSagar Jain Calender 2024 consists of following features

Important Features of Shantisagar jain Calender are :

1) Detail information about day events.

2) View of Monthly Bhavishya, Panchang and Auspicious days for marriage.

3) View of Upanayan Muhurt

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