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She’s My Destined Fiancee? info


When you were just seven years old, a summer vacation on a remote Japanese island led to a promise—a promise to marry a girl someday. But life in the bustling city pulled you away. Now, as a high school student with a heart set on the class president, your life seems promising. However, that distant promise catches up with you when the island beauty transfers to your school and announces herself as your fiancée!

Your peaceful high school life is thrown into chaos, and you’re torn between your past and your heart. Having a fiancée doesn’t seem to deter your best friend and crush. If anything, their obvious jealousy brings them closer to you than ever. With all three girls vying for your attention, will you honor your childhood promise or let your heart decide your destiny?


Meet Himari — Your Excitable Fiancée

Years ago, you promised Himari that you’d marry her. Now, she’s determined to make that promise a reality! Himari’s vivacious personality may overwhelm you at first, but her feelings are undeniably sincere. She’s blossomed into a beautiful woman, yet she’s unfamiliar with city life. Will you embrace her feelings and stand by her, or will you break your childhood vow?

Meet Itsuki — Your Partner in Crime

You and Itsuki have always been inseparable, but the bond between you is tested when Himari enters the picture. Itsuki is naturally independent, but her covert glances and lonely expressions make one thing clear—she’s terribly jealous! Will you choose to remain by her side or leave her for someone else?

Meet Nodoka — Your Shy and Beautiful Crush

Smart, wealthy, and universally adored, Nodoka is often deemed the ‘ideal girlfriend’ by all the guys at school. You never imagined she’d take an interest in you, which makes her sudden attention all the more surprising. Things seem to be going well, but there’s more to Nodoka than meets the eye. Deep down, she longs for warmth and kindness. Can you be the dependable, genuine boyfriend she needs, or will the allure of the other girls distract you?

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