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Shooooot Numbers info

Shooooot Numbers is an addictive number puzzle game. You’ll encounter thousands of challenging number matching puzzles to train your brain every day, and we’ll be adding more fun levels frequently. A number matching game that exercises your brain, logical thinking, and memory. It is also a good game to kill time.

This innovative number matching game is the best brainteaser game for lovers of classic number puzzle games. Solving logic puzzles and matching numbers will bring great fun to your brain whenever you want to relax. Solving a puzzle every day will help you train your logic, memory and math skills!


1. Good gameplay.

2. The interface is intuitive and the layout is clear.

3. Easy to learn and easy to become addicted.

4. There is no time limit, so don’t rush and play the number game relaxedly.

5. Special props help you pass levels faster.

6. Thousands of challenging levels are waiting for you to challenge.

7. Free to play, no wifi required.

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