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Automatic Notification: Stay informed in real-time with automatic notification for parents about student attendance and important information.

Attendance: Take attendance efficiently using mobile application.

Result and grade sheet: Access mark sheets and grade sheets with ease.

Account Reports: View detailed account reports for every transaction, promoting financial transparency for parents.

Student Log Messages: Keep parents informed about student progress and behavior through log messages.

Student Homework & Assignments: Keep track of daily assignment tasks.

Exam & Class Routines: Track your class routine and exam schedules effortlessly.

Academic Calendar: Stay updated on academic dates, holidays, exam, vacations, important events and more with in-app calendar.

News & Events Updates: Assess to any news and events happening in school enhancing communication and engagement.

Bus GPS Tracking Systems: Real-time bus location tracking and status updates accessible.

Leave request: Students can submit leave request within the app.

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