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Hi, my name is Sean, I am a personal trainer and online coach with a passion for fitness and helping others. My aim is to work with you to make your fitness journey as seamless and enjoyable as possible while also being realistic along the way. What you can expect from me:

– A Personalized online coaching app with videos performed by myself with short voiceovers explaining how to perform exercises correctly, making it perfect for absolute beginners.

– Tailored nutrition, so if you tell me you don’t enjoy fish, there will be no fish in your plan!

– Tailored training plan, if your goal is bigger glutes or a more developed chest then your plan will show this.

– Weekly check-ins via the app or Zooms where discussed for a more 1-1 coaching experience.

– WhatsApp support whenever you need it.

– Continued development of the app to bring more to you.

If you are a complete beginner or a more seasoned professional, then I may be the coach for you. Start your journey or break that plateau today with Sleek Physique Coaching.

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