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Call History Manager is a comprehensive app designed to manage and organize your call logs with indefinite storage and categorization for easy access. It features quick and advanced search options, making it simple to locate specific call information. The app offers the functionality to export call logs into an Excel file, providing a convenient way to analyze and store data.

Additionally, Call History Manager supports backup and restoration of your call logs, which can be particularly useful when switching phones or needing to recover data. The app includes a statistics page, offering insightful details about your incoming and outgoing calls, enhancing your understanding of your call patterns.

A standout feature is the auto backup option, ensuring that your call history is automatically saved. This feature is particularly useful if the app encounters issues, allowing for easy restoration of your call logs.

For those who desire privacy or discretion, the Swap with Fake Call feature allows you to replace a specific call in your history with a different number, adding a layer of privacy to your call records.

It’s important to note that Call History Manager cannot retrieve call logs that were deleted before the app was installed. However, once installed, it maintains logs even if the app is later removed from your phone.

The app has also been updated to include the observation of SMS history, viewable in the Contact Details screen, and offers an enhanced statistics display, providing a more in-depth analysis of your communication habits.

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