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Stcharles School is situated at kadakkal, kollam this was started by sisters of St.CharlesBorromeo.

Full Description about School in maximum of 4000 characters.- Catholic church specially sisters of St,Charles Congregation considers education as its mission and called St.Charlesconvent, ThrikkannapuramKadakkal convinced of this mission, started a school at Thrikkannapuram. It began in the year 1998 and was upgraded as a high school in the year 2007. Till now it is the main educational institution (ICSE) of the chadayamangalam block and functions as holistic knowledge house for hundreds of students. Nearly 750 students are studying here. In Kollam we have two schools one at Perumon and kadakkal. Both the schools secured cent percent result. Seminar for students,teachers and parents were conducted. Science exhibition and all other important festivals were celebrated and extracurricular activities are conducted. Our social activities; All round development of the growth of students and families were taken care by regular councilling, spiritual and psychological formations. Free coaching classes are conducted, Smart classes are introduced for all subjects in every classes in both the schools, financially poor students educational expenses were met by us. We always give importance to the quality than quantity.

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