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What story do you want to live? lets you live unique stories with love, romance, adventure, drama, and many more. Stories are powered by artificial intelligence, so each run is 100% unique and never seen before! Just give topic and AI get started and create a tailored adventure for YOU. YOU choose your destiny, and AI creates a new path each time!


The story is illustrated by beautiful images generated by artificial intelligence, meaning it is unique each time. Discover beautiful landscape, characters and scenery based on the choices and path YOU will chose. AI will create images based on your choices, creating unique sceneries. Unique image created FOR YOU to illustrate YOUR stories.


Write a starting topic of a story you would like to see. AI will create a story and choices based on YOUR topic. Bring your ideas, dreams, and desire to life in an unique way thanks to AI. Read stories that no one saw and will see.


Choose your destiny. Choose between 3 choices each time and see where the story goes. Be the hero of your stories.

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