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Tải Stitch Photos 1.1.6 APK (Patched) cho Android

Have you ever felt uncomfortable having to sit through each individual page of text? Reading but having to turn the page and wait ten seconds to load the page. Sounds tiring, right? So why don’t you try to turn it into a very long page so that instead of having to continue the page, you can just sit and browse and grasp all the content of the documents you are studying? If you don’t know how to do this, let the Stitch Photos app help you!

Introducing Stitch Photos

Stitch Photos is a smart application created to bring the best photo stitching capabilities to users who often have to study documents or do related tasks. With a quite creative and special operating mechanism that saves many people’s time, Stitch Photos makes your work much easier, while improving the user experience in many different aspects. Now let’s find out with APKMODY.COM what makes this application stand out.

Append long images

Stitch Photos represents convenience with its automatic and precise long photo stitching feature. As mentioned above, Stitch Photos will help you stitch individual photos together into a complete photo with full content. Not an aesthetic photo collage like photo editing applications, Stitch Photos is more of a work-oriented nature or enhances the text reading experience with the ability to turn the images you choose into a long vertical or horizontal scroll for convenience following.

With just a few simple steps, you can select a series of photos and arrange them in order to merge, or wait to see if the application automatically arranges them in the most reasonable way. Not only does it save time, it also ensures that photo stitching goes smoothly, from tight planning to automatically adjusting seams and transitions without losing quality.

Works with any app

Stitch Photos is really special because it can work on any application, website and even with screenshots. First, the application has the ability to join photos directly from web browsers or other applications, making it easy to get photos from any online information source. It could be a photo from your favorite website, an online article, or even interesting photos you found on the internet.

In addition, Stitch Photos is also used when you want to save a message from an application but one screen frame is not enough to cover it all. So simply take a photo of that entire conversation and let Stitch Photos reconnect it, so you have all the necessary content packed into just one photo.

Disappears the scroll bar

The scrollbar on a website is quite a useful tool for you to determine where you are looking at the website and almost all websites use this. However, there are some cases where the scroll bar is so large that it covers part of the content you want to view, causing a lot of inconvenience and frustration. So in those cases, the best way is to use Stitch Photos because a long photo will not include a scroll bar! You will be able to comfortably view all the content you want without worrying that the scroll bar will affect the experience.

Remove ads easily

While reading the web, there are always cases where ads will appear on the screen, causing disruption to your usage process. But this is not a problem for Stitch Photos! When choosing photos to join, you can choose to do it manually by cutting out the ads yourself or taking a screenshot to avoid the ads, but honestly, this method is not very optimal. Instead, just freely select all of the website’s content, then use the ad removal tool that Stitch Photos provides, click on the things you don’t want to appear in the content and they will be cut off. quit completely. Just as simple as that, you already have an extremely “clean” photo!

Download Stitch Photos APK free for Android

With a commitment to continuous improvement and development, Stitch Photos’ development team is actively listening to user feedback to bring the latest updates and features. Just launched recently, sometimes the application still has inconvenient or unreasonable things that you will be the one to directly give suggestions for them to change. The future of the application promises to be very exciting based on a very interesting feature base that Stitch Photos has been providing!

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