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Tap Magnet World:ASMR Coloring info

Welcome to Tap Magnet, the exciting mobile game that combines the charming world of magnets with the joy of painting. Immerse yourself in a unique experience where you can unleash your creativity, solve brain-teasing puzzles, and find inner peace through the power of magnetic art. Get ready to dive into an engaging ball world filled with colorful spheres and magnetic wonders!

How to Play:

-You are presented with a wide range of beautiful drawings, including emojis, houses, vehicles, etc.

-Select a category that sparks your artistic inspiration.

-Paint the drawing by tapping the screen to release beautiful and colorful magnetic balls.

-As you tap, watch in awe as the magnets attract and repel, creating eye-catching patterns and designs.

-Experiment with different ball colors and observe the colorful interaction of the magnets.

Begin your artistic journey and create stunning masterpieces with ease.


-A visually stunning world where vibrant colors and captivating visuals come to life. -Experience the beauty of each drawing as it evolves into a magnificent work of art, accompanied by your magnetic touch.

-Soothing sound effects to make your painting experience more enjoyable.

-Addictive gameplay experience that keeps you engaged for hours.

-An interesting world of magnetic puzzles to explore new categories, challenging your brain and unlocking new artistic possibilities.

-Stimulate your mind with brain-training puzzles that require both creativity and strategy. -Explore the boundaries of magnetism and solve intricate challenges to unlock new levels and drawings.

-An entertaining journey of painting with magnetic balls, immersing yourself in a world of color therapy that soothes the soul and spirit.

Discover the joy of magnetism, painting, and the art of relaxation with Magnet Tap. Unleash your creativity, challenge your brain, and create magnificent masterpieces with the captivating power of magnets.

Are you ready to embark on this magnetic adventure? Download Magnet Tap now and let your artistic magnetism shine!

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