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One app to create and manage your personalized E-commerce store.

The Tapnshop app is the fastest and simplest way to bring your store online. Whether you are a small business owner or a large department store, the Tapnshop app is designed to get you registered and ready to cater to your first online order within minutes.

Key Features

• Register store to create default website

• Ability to use your own domain

• Add products to your store by scanning barcodes

• Enable/disable products as per inventory

• Order management through notifications

• Integrated SMS notifications to customers on order status update

Things that make Tapnshop unique

• Simple registration with phone number and CNIC

• Instantly creates website once registration is complete

• Scan a product’s barcode to add it to your website

• Change the product’s price for your E-commerce store

• Deactivate a product to hide it from your E-commerce store

• Personalize your website by changing the color and adding your own logo

• Manage your delivery charges and stuff.

• Add multiple users to manage the store

and much more

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