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Tayasui Sketches 1.4.14 MOD APK (No Ads) Download

Why spend a lot of money on lots of expensive drawing tools or electronic drawing boards when Tayasui Sketches is already available on APKMODY.COM? With just one download, you have an application with all the necessary tools to draw pictures with all different styles. Whether you like oil paintings, colored mosaics, silk paintings, sand paintings or whatever, Tayasui Sketches has all the tools for you to do it!

Introduce about Tayasui Sketches

Tayasui Sketches is a professional drawing application designed to satisfy everyone’s passion for drawing. Launched in 2020 by a Japanese artist and application developer, in just a few short years, Tayasui Sketches has become a “must cop” tool for drawing lovers around the world.

Diverse brush tool set

Tayasui Sketches gives you an extremely diverse and rich set of tools. From pencils, pens to oil brushes and many other specialized painting tools. If you draw a picture in the normal way, it will be very difficult for you to adjust the thickness or opacity of the ink strokes to your liking. But with Tayasui Sketches it’s as easy as candy. Regardless of whether you want your pen strokes to be big or small, bold or blurry, the app is there for you to use. You can even change the color of the pen strokes at will with just one simple operation. With a color palette that includes hundreds of different colors, you will be able to exploit every type of color you can imagine.

Create effects and backgrounds

Tayasui Sketches provides many artistic effects to encourage creativity for artists. Accordingly, you can add effects such as shading, structure or color inversion to create color highlights as well as create unique effects for your painting. I’ve never seen drawing so simple, it’s just as simple as editing photos on Picsart! In addition, Tayasui Sketches also supports adding backgrounds, creating separate layers so you can work on each part easily.

Compatible with stylus

It cannot be denied that drawing with a pen still feels better than using your fingers directly. Especially for those who have a lot of direct drawing experience, a pen is even more important. An artist cannot be himself without a pen. Therefore, Tayasui Sketches has integrated the use of a stylus to help users flexibly choose how they draw.

In addition, for those using devices that support styluses, Tayasui Sketches also optimizes the usage experience by supporting stylus-specific functions such as customizing pen pressure and tilt angle. This will help increase control and precision in your creative process.

Sketches School

For those who have experience in painting, I have nothing to say. But there are probably a lot of people here who have never had any drawing experience. So how can they use Tayasui Sketches and satisfy their passion? The answer is right in the app, with the “Sketches School” feature that will help you learn the most basic things about this colorful art.

Sketches School is a quality educational feature that provides basic to advanced instruction, from portraiture to freehand drawing style, for those who need it. Here, the application will guide you through the most basic things about painting, from how to sketch, create frames to more detailed steps for the painting. In addition, knowledge about colors such as contrasting colors or color mixing will also be popularized here. This gives people the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge continuously, without limit.

User-friendly interface

One of the outstanding features of Tayasui Sketches that we cannot help but mention is its friendly and easy-to-use user interface. This is understandable because a drawing teaching application cannot have a bland interface, right? Everything is arranged in an easy-to-understand and orderly, colorful way right from the main screen.

MOD APK version of Tayasui Sketches

MOD features

Download Tayasui Sketches MOD APK for Android

Tayasui Sketches is an essential application for everyone who wants to satisfy their passion for drawing. You won’t need to spend money to buy a lot of drawing tools to create beautiful pictures, just download Tayasui Sketches and everything is in your hands!

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