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The 10 Best Amethyst Cards In Rise Of The Floodborn From Disney Lorcana


  • Amethyst ink in Disney Lorcana’s Rise of the Floodborn offers flexible strategies and powerful abilities to win the game.
  • The Mim cards in Amethyst ink, such as Madam Mim, Snake and Madam Mim, Rival of Merlin, provide useful abilities to control the board and gain advantages.
  • Cards like Yzma, Scary Beyond All Reason and Pinocchio, Star Attraction offer strong effects and synergy with other cards in Amethyst decks.



In Disney Lorcana’s second set, Rise of the Floodborn, we were introduced to many new archetypes and build styles, and Amethyst is no exception. From set one, we knew that Amethyst excelled in drawing cards and keeping your hand full, but in set two, there is a bunch more.


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The ability to passively gain lore, keep things out of harm’s way with bounce cards, and challenge things quickly are all options that Amethyst does well in set two. When building with this ink, remember that it is very flexible and can employ many different strategies to win you the game.

10 Madam Mim, Snake

Slithering Her Way To Victory

madam mim, snake by brian weisz

The first of many Mim cards in the Amethyst ink on this list, Madam Mim, Snake has the ability Just You Wait. It says whenever you play her, you either choose to return another character of yours to your hand or banish her. You don’t want her to go away as soon as you play her, so having a target that can benefit, like many of the Merlin cards, is key.

Then she becomes a three-three body, and as a two-cost, this is great as she can take out a lot of different threats that sit at the three willpower threshold, which there are many of currently.

9 Madam Mim, Rival Of Merlin

Who Doesn’t Love Playing Free Cards

Disney Lorcana Madam Mim Rival of Merlin

Madam Mim, Rival of Merlin, can quickly change the pace of the game. Her ability Gruesome and Grim, says you exert her and play a character that has cost four or less for free. They gain rush and are banished at the end of your turn.

This allows you to remove a threat off the board in one turn without having to pay any ink. The flexibility and board controllability this card can give you are big reasons it should be considered for Amethyst decks.

8 Madam Mim, Purple Dragon

Oh, No! Dragon!

Madam Mim - Purple Dragon Card Art

The four lore on Madam Mim, Purple Dragon, is the thing that jumps out the most on the card. We saw in The First Chapter how threatening Brave Little Tailor Mickey was with not just the four lore but also with Evasive, which Mim also has.


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The biggest difference between Mim and Mickey is Mim’s ability I Win!, I Win!. It says that whenever you play her, you either banish her or return two other characters to your hand. This fits in well with all the Merlin cards present in the Rise of the Floodborn that have abilities that trigger when they enter and leave play, so if you can get this down and return those characters to your hand, you can get extra benefits.

7 Yzma, Scary Beyond All Reason

She’s Just Too Scary

yzma, scary beyond all reason by casey robin

Amethyst is the ink in Lorcana that excels at drawing, and Yzma, Scary Beyond Reason fits right in. Her ability, Cruel Irony, says when she is played, shuffle another character into that player’s deck, and they draw two cards.

The reason this plays so well in Amethyst decks is that we have seen multiple cards that, when they enter and leave play, their abilities go off. So, if you can play Yzma you get the benefits of those cards’ abilities and also drawing two cards. You can also use this ability if you do need to remove an opponent’s character, but that does give them more cards to use.

6 Pinocchio, Star Attraction

He’s Just Wants To Be A Real Boy

pinocchio, star attraction by kapik

The big draw and reason as to why Pinocchio, Star Attraction is great is his three-lore stat at such a low cost. On turn two, being able to play down a three-lore quester and put immediate pressure on your opponent is what you want to be able to do.

Yes, he only has one willpower, making him very easy to remove. With the number of cards that can deal damage outside of challenges, he can be removed before he quests. That is still an okay trade-off as it can make your opponent play cards they may not have wanted to that early in the game.

5 Sorcerer’s Spellbook

Don’t Take Your Eyes Off This Spellbook

Disney Lorcana Item Sorcerer's Spellbook

One of the few items in Amethyst for Rise of the Floodborn that sees consistent play is the Sorcerer’s Spellbook. There is good reason for it as its ability Knowledge says you exert the Spellbook and pay one ink to gain a lore.


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The ability to gain lore passively without having to quest is something we saw pop up on a few different cards in the set, especially in Amethyst. This card is great for late game when you may have some ink to spare. You can play this down, and each turn leaves one ink left to be able to use Knowledge, and you are on your way to victory.

4 Merlin, Rabbit

Hippity Hop? Hoppity Hip!

Disney Lorcana Merlin Rabbit

Who doesn’t love to draw cards? Merlin, Rabbit can continually draw you cards and keep your hand fresh for future plays. He does this using his Hoppity Hip! ability, which says you get to draw a card whenever he enters and leaves play.

This means when you play him, you get to replace him in your hand with another card, and no matter how he is taken off the board, you get another card. A nice two-for-one deal. This works the best with the Madam Mim cards we’ve seen that want to bounce things back to your hand. You can get a nice loop of drawing cards if you have enough of the Mim cards in your hand each turn.

3 Madam Mim, Fox

Rushing Her Way To A Win

madam mim, fox by alice pisoni

The quickest of the bunch of Mim cards in the set, Madam Mim, Fox’s Rush ability makes this card very playable. As a three-cost with four willpower, she can take out anything on the board in the early stages of the game and slow down your opponent as well.

She does have the same ability as other Mim cards in which you have to put another character back into your hand, or else she is banished, but there are a ton of easy targets for this that will be in play before she is played. And even if your opponent doesn’t have anything to challenge right when she is played down, that high willpower is daunting enough to make your opponent think about their plays a bit more.

2 Merlin, Goat

Keep This Guy Under Control

Merlin, Goat by S Shaw and L Giammichele

A card that makes your opponent think more than many other cards in Lorcana is Merlin, Goat. Merlin Goat’s ability, Here I Come!, can leave players pondering their in-game decisions. It says whenever Merlin, Goat enters and leaves play, you gain one lore.


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The passive lore gain on this card is why it is such a standout in Amethyst. Gaining a lore as soon as he is played is great, but what happens is even better. You leave your opponent with the decision to try to remove him as fast as possible, which still gains you lore, or they leave him out in target for the bounce cards, which means you can recycle him and use that ability turn after turn.

1 Arthur, Wizard’s Apprentice

He’s Ready To Be A Wizard

arthur, wizard's apprentice lorcana

With several Merlin cards in Amethyst that have an ability that triggers after they leave play, Arthur, Wizard’s Apprentice, fits right in with them. His ability, Student says that whenever he quests, you can return another character you have in play to your hand to gain two lore. So a three-lore quest, if you can bounce something, is a great payoff.

Gaining two more lore off a quest is always great, but pairing it up with the Merlin cards is a great combo. Merlin, Goat gains you a lore when it leaves play. Merlin, Crab gives a character Challenger +3. Merlin, Rabbit lets you draw a card if you want. Merlin, Squirrel lets you look at the top two cards of your deck. There are a ton of nice combos you can pull off with Arthur and the Merlins in this set.


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