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The Best Songs In Rise Of The Floodborn In Disney Lorcana


  • In Disney Lorcana, songs play a critical role in gameplay, granting bonuses to characters and banishing enemies.
  • The Legend of the Sword and the Stone and Gruesome and Grim are powerful songs that can enhance characters’ abilities and challenge opponents.
  • Use The Most Diabolical Scheme to strategically banish villain characters and Go The Distance to protect and ready damaged characters.



In Disney Lorcana, you can challenge your favorite characters as they are reimagined into all new versions of themselves. Additionally, you can use items and strategies to take the win from your opponent. It wouldn’t be a Disney game without the use of iconic and powerful songs as a critical mechanic in-game.


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Through the use of song, the tides can turn in your favor. A well-placed song can banish enemies, ready allies, and grant bonuses to your characters so that they can endure challenges that face them. In Rise of the Floodborn, new songs were added, but not all are created equal. Here are the best songs in Rise of the Floodborn.

10 Legend Of The Sword And The Stone

Disney Lorcana Song Legend of the Sword In The Stone

As a song with a cost of two, the Legend of the Sword in the Stone grants Challenger to a chosen character that turn. When challenging, that character’s attack is increased by three. This can make early characters much more powerful.

It can also take your already strong characters to the next level. With the right combination, you can create a powerful character that can devastate the opposing characters. Since a character of cost two or more can sing this song for free, you won’t want to pass up the opportunity to strengthen your characters.

9 Gruesome And Grim

Disney Lorcana Song Gruesome and Grim

With a cost of three, Madam Mim comes out to play. Gruesome and Grim allows you to play a character for free if they have a cost of four or less, and that character gains Rush. This means that they can challenge the turn that they are played.

However, the drawback is that the character that’s played will be banished at the end of the turn. This can be a helpful mechanic for cards that let you card search or draw when they are banished, but otherwise, you’ll be down a character from the board.

8 The Most Diabolical Scheme

Disney Lorcana Song The Most Diabolical Scheme

The Most Diabolical Scheme allows you to banish a chosen Villain character of yours to banish another character, regardless of damage taken. This can be an incredibly useful tool when your opponent plays a powerful character you’re not quite equipped to handle.


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It doesn’t matter the cost of the Villain you banish, so long as they are marked as a Villain. Once banished, you’re free to select a chosen character and remove them from the board as well. Use this wisely to help regain control!

7 Go The Distance

Disney Lorcana Song Go The Distance

Hercules comes to the rescue with Go The Distance, where you can ready a chosen damaged character. While they can’t quest for the rest of the turn, it does allow them to stay safe from challenges or challenge another character.

Another bonus is that you draw a card. With only a cost of two, this is a great way to get an additional action, protect one of your best characters, and draw another card swiftly. With the right timing, Go The Distance is invaluable to your deck.

6 Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo

Disney Lorcana Song Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo

With a little bit of magic, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo returns a character to your hand so that you can play another one for free, so long as it’s of the same cost or less. This is incredibly useful for swapping out characters if one of them in damaged.

There is no rule against having the character you want to return to your hand sing the song, so you can essentially save them from being banished and play another character for free without expending any ink or exerting other characters.

5 Zero To Hero

zero to hero by rob di salvo

With a cost of two, Zero to Hero allows you to pay less ink for the next character you play that turn based on how many characters you already have in play. This can be an excellent strategy to bring high-cost characters in early, when you opponent is not yet prepared.

For example, if you have three characters in play, you would only need to spend two ink to play a character with a cost of five after singing this song. This mechanic cannot be underestimated, as it can easily turn the tide in your favor.

4 Let The Storm Rage On

let the storm rage on by r. la barbera and l. giammichele

With a cost of three, not only does this song allow you to deal damage to a chosen character, you then also draw a card. This song can be used to banish weaker or damaged characters without risking one of your own.


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You can also use this song to banish your own characters to activate effects that allow additional card draw or card search mechanics, as the damage is not limited to opposing characters. Having more than one effect makes this card desirable and useful for playing Lorcana.

3 World’s Greatest Criminal Mind

world's greatest criminal mind lorcana

No one wants to have their strategy ruined by having a strong character banished, but with World’s Greatest Criminal Mind, you can do the banishing. By singing the song, you can banish a chosen character with an attack of five or higher.

This is a great tool for leveling the playing field and protecting your characters from much stronger opponents. When you use it, you’re sure to change the tide of the game. With only a cost of three, this is worth holding onto once in hand.

2 Four Dozen Eggs

four dozen eggs (1)

With a cost of four, Four Dozen Eggs as a song is a bit more costly. However, you do get the benefit of Resist two for all of your characters until the start of your next turn. If you’re looking to banish some opposing characters or beef up your own defenses, this is the song to do it with.

Your characters, especially ones that have incredible defense already, will benefit from being able to take additional damage. Characters without as much defense can more likely survive challenges with Resist granted to them, making Four Dozezn Eggs a necessity.

1 Strength Of A Raging Fire

strength of a raging fire by jared nickel_alex accorsi

Last but not least, Strength Of A Raging Fire lets you deal damage equal to the amount of characters you have in play to a chosen character. When you have several smaller characters in play, this can quickly add up.

When played at just the right time, you can devastate your opponents and banish their strongest characters. Even if characters have Resist, you can increase the damage dealt enough to banish them regardless of the overall reduction. This song should not be underestimated, as it’s got the force of a great typhoon behind it.


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