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“The Idiot Brain Book PDF by Dean Burnett .. Motion sickness. Nightmares. Not remembering people’s names. Why did you enter this room

For something that is supposedly amazing, sophisticated and very toxic, the human brain has a fair amount of chaos, is not without disorder and is extremely prone to errors. In the idiot brain, neuroscientist Dean Burnett celebrates all the flaws and shortcomings of the human brain in all its splendor, and shows us the impact of these whims on our daily lives. Based on an authentic research experience and written in a fun and entertaining style, this book is for anyone who has marveled at the ability of our personal brain to invade and ruin our lives, and wondered, God forbid, what is really going on inside his head.

“A fun scientific walk with the irrational mental processes that we are doing”.

Gaia Venis, author of”adventures in the Anthropocene”.

“The book offers enlightening discussions about the way memory works, about fear and panic attacks, about how vulnerable we are to being deceived or depressed by others, and about the wonders and wonders of the human senses.

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