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The Micro Bus – Merced County info

The Micro Bus makes it easier than ever to ride transit in Merced County — with one simple smartphone app and just a few taps, book a ride within our Micro Bus zone. To provide the fastest service, we may pair you with others headed in a similar direction.


– Download the app and create an account.

– Get picked up and dropped off at a nearby location.

– Share your ride with others.

– Save cash and time.

What we’re about:


Our tech matches people headed in the same direction. This means you’re getting the convenience and comfort of a private ride with the efficiency, speed, and affordability of a public one.


Sharing rides reduces the number of vehicles on the roads, bringing down congestion and CO2 emissions. With a couple of taps, you get to do your part to make your city a little bit greener and cleaner, every time you ride.


Rides are priced comparable to public transport.

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