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The Quest will take you from one corner of Malaga and its surroundings to another: under the sea, along the beaches, to a natural site, through the streets and perhaps even somewhere lost. But you’re lucky because you’ll have the help of a good part of the Alboran LifeWatch team. What are you going to find? That’s exactly what you’re going to discover on this biodiversity journey.

Alboran LifeWatch is a biodiversity project linked to the observation, study and monitoring of the fauna and flora of the coast of Malaga and the Alboran Sea. It’s an initiative linked to Malaga’s Urban Agenda and Malaga City Council’s Climate Plan 2050. This is an action co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund.

In this interactive visual novel, you will set off from the MUAL Alboran Museum on an adventure to restore a treasure map whose pieces are scattered throughout the city of Malaga and its surroundings. You will have the help of a few collaborators from the Alboran LifeWatch project, and some of them may surprise you.

This game has immersive audio thanks to binaural field recordings that reproduce the sound in 360º. The use of headphones is recommended to fully enjoy the experience.

Responsible use of headphones with moderate volume level is important to avoid the risk of hearing damage.

The Quest is an interactive visual novel developed at the Polo Nacional de Contenidos Digitales de Málaga by Novelingo for Alboran LifeWatch, with music by Krill Audio and illustrations by Carla Lucena.

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