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Tower Defense TD 2.20 MOD APK (Unlimited Crystals) Download

The tower defense game Towerlands: Tower Defense TD brings epic battles to protect the kingdom. Half-satirical, half-sketch graphics with bold outlines are also one of the things you will remember about this game.

Introduce about Towerlands: Tower Defense TD

Defeat orcs, goblins, and other evil creatures to protect your town!


Coming to the world of Towerlands: Tower Defense TD, you will witness a lush green land like the landscape of Medieval Japan. But soon, that was a thing of the past. Because now, many monsters, goblins, and evil creatures from many places have accidentally discovered this place. They want to monopolize this green land for themselves. So the thrilling defensive battle took place, between the resilient residents of the land and the bad invaders.

Are you ready for this persistent and fiery battle?

Idle tower defense game with medieval role-playing elements

Maintaining the classic tower defense gameplay, Towerlands: Tower Defense TD poses many missions with escalating difficulty, forcing players to constantly deal with increasingly difficult enemy elements. With the sole goal of protecting this country’s largest stronghold, and not letting any invaders have a chance to enter the kingdom.

To do this, you will have to build, improve, and diversify defense forces. Just constantly come up with plans to protect the stronghold and clash with enemies. The game supports automatic combat. Your responsibility is to come up with strategic plans. Focuses on placing, allocating positions, choosing upgrade steps, and recruiting more soldiers combined with reasonable construction. Ultimately, a reasonable position will be created that can block all enemy invasions.


There have been many outside forces watching, wanting to invade and take control of this place. However, they haven’t had a chance for a long time. Now they decided to choose this time to invade your town. At the same time, many parties are working together to plan an invasion, which is convenient for weakening the kingdom’s defense line.

Each type of enemy has its strengths, weapons, and attacks. You will need to observe closely to be able to recognize their characteristics. From there, there is a plan to arrange appropriate defenses. Note that within the same type of enemy, there are many different levels of strength and weakness. With each level, you also need to adjust your defense plan accordingly. Only then will it help preserve forces, manage resources well, and fight more effectively.

Defend the kingdom through massive clashes

There will be waves of enemies coming. After you have recognized and arranged your defense methods, you will proceed to combine everything you have together. An all-out attack will create a majestic battlefield, stunning the enemy and increasing combat opportunities.

More than 8000 waves of enemies will come. You not only organize, arrange, and synthesize existing resources, units, and watchtowers. But we also have to hire and train many new warriors. A powerful army will support the watchtowers, creating an additional strong defensive barrier.

What’s interesting is that in both towers, traps, and units, you can combine the same to create something new, and more powerful. Just like that until both the army and resources become strong enough to fight many incoming enemies.

Upgrade defensive structures

There are many military structures that can become useful defensive barriers in battles. You will need to strengthen these buildings, both in number and quality, to support military units and increase defense capabilities.

Through mining gold, collecting resources, and using perks, you will gradually allocate upgrades to Turrets, watchtowers, and many other military units. Towerlands: Tower Defense TD offers more than 30 types of large and small towers, requiring different amounts of gold to level up. There are also 40 combat modules and more than 50 types of combat units. Find ways to arrange and support each other, you will have a better defense solution at each level.

Explore and conquer the world

Before reaching the heart of the kingdom, the enemy had successfully invaded many other regions of the world. From the center, successfully defending the stronghold, you will be able to expand the scope of your defense, moving to capture cities, castles, and many other places around the world. Wherever it is recaptured, resources, items, and units will have the opportunity to increase, opening up more powerful defense capabilities.

MOD APK version of Towerlands: Tower Defense TD

Sometimes you will get stuck at a certain level because the enemy’s firepower is too strong compared to the speed of your tower development. Don’t worry! Towerlands: Tower Defense TD MOD APK version will help you comfortably upgrade without worrying about Gold or Crystals.

MOD feature

Unlimited Crystals


You can buy with Crystals, even if you have 0 Crystals.

Download Towerlands: Tower Defense TD MOD APK for Android

You can play Towerlands: Tower Defense TD alone or join a Clan to battle with players around the world. This tower defense game has more interesting details than you think. Let’s download the game and explore it right away!

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