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TPASS Driver info

The TPASS Driver app is exclusively used by approved private public transport operators. To register, you must provide proof of ownership, such as registration documents for your tricycle, taxi, okada, or bus. Once you complete the “Know Our Drivers” process, you will receive a registration code.

Key Features:

– Track your daily sales

– Collect transport fees seamlessly from customers

– Refund uncompleted trips promptly and easily

– Generate weekly and monthly statements of your sales

– Scan customer Transport Pass cards effortlessly

– Toggle between English, Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo

– Proudly display your TPASS authorized sticker

About Plovtech Solutions Nigeria Limited:

The TPASS Driver app is owned and managed by Plovtech Solutions Nigeria Limited. The company’s business registration number is RC1201344, and its tax registration details are as follows:

TIN-FIRS TIN 18572241-0001

VAT Certificate:

We are committed to providing a reliable and efficient platform for public transport operators in Nigeria

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