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Train with Wany for a personalised nutritional and training programme. This app is for you if you’re looking for a coach to help you

1) get strong AND flexible

2) shed weight & keep it off!

3) need a rehabilitative training programme to maintain your fitness

4) prevent injuries

5) maintain your fitness throughout your pregnancy/shape up post partum

6) provide nutrition coaching

7) create good nutrition and lifestyle habits

Wany has a Diploma in Sports & Exercise Science and has been in the fitness industry in Singapore for 14 years teaching studio Pilates, a Personal Trainer (Orthopedic Specialist) for the last 8 years and a L1 Precision Nutrition Coach. She was a Nike Master Trainer, a Garmin Ambassador, a casual runner, a crossfitter and had her own body image struggles at a younger age. Today, she resides in Sydney, still lifting heavy weights and lifting spirits up in classes at the pilates studios where she teaches on-site. She strongly believes that you as the captain of your life, has the strength and ability to achieve everything you want in life with the right mindset, effort, guidance & support.

Move. Lift. Love.

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