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Transparent iOS X – Home Bar info

This app use Accessibility Service to place Transparent Home Bar view on bottom of mobile screen and to start several actions (pull down notification panel, pull down quick settings, power menu, back button, recents screen, home button, flashlight, open camera). If you like iOS Home bar then this app is just for you. Just Single-Tap to action go to Home, Swipe up to show recents apps screen, Swipe right to action go to Back.

Show assistive button at the bottom of the screen. iOS Navigation Bar can replace a failed and broken button for those people who have trouble using buttons or navigation bar panels that are not working properly.

This app provides only one button at the bottom of the screen and is able to do many actions such as Back, Home, Recent.

Bring iPhone style transparent navigation bar to your android phone. Want to feel like you go the last iPhone X or replace a broken home button? This app adds an iPhone X Home Bar Style home button at the bottom of your screen. This new home button is very simple. Just swipe up, left or right to launch a selected action.

Default Transparent iOS Home bar gestures:

– Single-Tap: Action to go Home.

– Swipe Left to Right: Action to go Back.

– Swipe bottom to top: Lists recently accessed activities and tasks.

– Long Press: Open the long-press menu for power.

– Swipe Right to Left: Action to go Back.


This app uses ACCESSIBILITY SERVICE. To enable navigation bar view, please allow Accessibility Services. The service is only used to allow this app to draw on phone’s screen and commit not to collect any other information. We do not sell, trade or otherwise transfer your personally identifiable information to outside parties.

Accessibility services are used to start several actions. These actions can help people that need to use their phone with only one hand to start actions that are not easy to do with only one hand.

Please open application and grant permission to enableTransparent iOS X – Home Bar

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