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UGWaifus 0.0.1 APK Download for Android (Latest Version)

UGWaifus, UnderGround Waifus, is about hot warrior girls and exciting cyberpunk-style card battles. The game also incorporates trendy NFT elements. Are you ready to enter this modern world disturbed by war?

Introduce about UGWaifus

Why should you play UGWaifus?

UGWaifus belongs to the PVP fighting genre, integrating CCD card gameplay, battler elements and virtual asset NFTs. Each person’s motivation in this game is very diverse.

Sometimes it’s because players are curious and want to collect as many hot female warriors as possible, with baby faces, sexy eyes and bodies. For others, motivation comes from a long series of large and small tasks, constantly changing according to the battle situation.

There is also a large part of UGWaifus players because of the huge amount of items, assets and rewards they will own in the game. Virtual assets but real money is completely possible in UGWaifus.

Set in the distant future, where war engulfs everything in chaos

The universe of UGWaifus takes place in a future period far away from where we live. At this time, the world was seriously damaged due to many external and internal causes. People’s careless life, lack of respect for nature, and reckless exploitation of resources and minerals have quickly pushed the world to the brink of dangerous scarcity.

Everywhere is now becoming dry, losing its original green color and freshness. What’s left around now is only dust, desire, power and money. A world with no place for humanity to prevail, nor a peaceful place for humans, can of course cause dissatisfaction from many different races.

At present, conflicts between races have escalated to a peak. An eternal, world-wide war has opened with more than 9 factions competing for victory. This is also the general context where the game UGWaifus takes place.

Combining a waifu theme with cyberpunk world

It all takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. This scenario is due to overexploitation by humans, leading to the biggest consequence of depletion on a global scale. This worrying context is also the premise for the birth of female warriors who love their homeland and are ready to fight for the future destiny of the world.

Heroic female warriors, with neat hair, sharp eyes, hold in their hands a huge weapon that can damage enemies. They moved quietly in the bloody atmosphere of world war. Each person’s neat physique, perfect face and unique fighting style will help you get countless new and exciting action experiences in this game.

The color tone, world setting, costumes of the female warriors and the entire design of the villains in UGWaifus all exude a typical futuristic cyberpunk atmosphere. You can see sparkling neon signs, flashy streets and many unique weapons, only found in the future world.

A place to test the NFT model

UGWaifus is more than just a battler role-playing game. This is also fertile ground, an uncompromising guide when doing “economics” in the first game. UGWaifus currently has 2 main game modes: F2P (Free to play) and P&E (Play & Earn). Each game mode comes with a different set of missions, ultimate goals, and combat methods.

Story free mode mechanics

With F2P, players are chosen to fight with a sexy female warrior first. Then gradually unlock skill cards, fight enemies to increase experience points. Experience points increase when you defeat enemies. Accumulating enough experience points will help you unlock new female warrior character cards. That’s until you own a deck of cards equivalent to a very strong female hero team, with both many skills and a significant level of progress.

Next will be the journey of enjoying your constantly flexible and changing deck of cards. You will decide how and in what order to attack, and devise a suitable path for developing your deck. Make sure every war ends satisfactorily.

NFT combination gameplay

As for the PVP Player Battle Card Battler multiplayer mode, when you win you will get special rewards in each season. These rewards, combined with items collected from the game’s cards, will help you focus on card collection.

Even in F2P mode, the element of exchanging and selling items is also seriously invested. The in-game economy is therefore easy to grasp and control, in all available game modes. While playing games with depth and hot sexy female warriors, you can also earn increasing amounts of money in the world of www.

Download UGWaifus APK for Android

UGWaifus is a long story about strategy, card battles, and NFT trading. Your goal is to become a talented heroic leader, having the number one successful female warrior team in the galaxy.

Available Versions

Versions of this app are not available at the moment, please come back later.

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