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What Is And How To Find The Band Of Smiles In Coral Island

Like any good farming adventure game, Coral Island gives you a chance to be so much more than a simple farmer. You’ll have the opportunity to complete all kinds of quests as you work to improve the island and grow your farm, but no matter what you choose to focus on, odds are you will have to visit the mine.




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The mine can be dangerous, however, and you’ll need to be proficient with a sword as much as a pick if you want to survive. The Band of Smiles is a guild of monster hunters and adventurers who are dedicated to keeping the inhabitants of Coral Island safe from danger, all while keeping a smile on their face.

What Is The Band Of Smiles

an image of the interior of the band of smiles hideout

The Band of Smiles is a coalition of adventurers committed to upholding goodness, eradicating monsters, and adventuring with a smile on your face.

Joining the band will give you access to a new quest board that functions much like the errand board by Sam’s general store, as well as a new combat-specific shop. The Band of Smiles hideout also never closes, so you’ll be able to access the shop and quest board 24 hours a day.

The Job Board

An image of an errand request from Jio Dan

The Band of Smiles Job board is specific to mining and combat tasks. Posted jobs will involve defeating enemies or collecting mine-specific resources and bringing them to a specified NPC for a reward.

Rewards for Band of Smiles quests are coins and relationship points with the NPC who made the request on the board. Coin rewards can be calculated by multiplying the base price of the requested item by three. You will always receive triple the requested item’s price for your service.

Like the errand board by Sam’s general store, Band of Smiles errands also have a time limit. You must bring the requested item or items to the correct NPC within the allotted time limit in order to claim your reward.

Wait too long, and you won’t be able to complete the quest.

Band Of Smiles Members

An image of 5 NPCs in Coral Island

There are two core NPCs (or Townies) in the Band of Smiles, and three non-Townie NPCs. Kira and Mark are both Townies, and can be found around Coral Island any day. Axel and Senja are visiting members of the band, and cannot be found on the island every day.

Jio Dan is the fifth and final member of the Band of Smiles, and is the proprietor of the guild store.

The Guild Store

an image of the Band of Smiles shop screen

Run by Jio Dan, the Band of Smiles guild store sells everything from explosives and rope, to monster lures, rings, and weaponry. Hitting certain quest milestones and unlocking certain levels of the mine will increase the number of items available to you for purchase and will unlock special weapons and rings.

To unlock these hidden stock items, you’ll need to heal coral sites, progress to deeper levels of the mines, open new mineshafts, and complete Band of Smiles quest board jobs.

How To Join the Band Of Smiles

An image of the player character attacking a blue slime with a hammer in Coral Island

As soon as you have access to the mines, you will be able to work towards membership in the Band of Smiles. Upon entering the mines for the first time, Kira will give you the blunt sword. You’ll need the sword in order to protect yourself from the monsters in the mines.

Kira will tell you that she and Mark have cleared the first few levels of the mine, but that the lower levels are still monster-filled and dangerous. She will also inform you that the elevator in the mine shafts isn’t working. In order to unlock the elevator, you’ll need to reach level five in the mines.

Once you reach level ten of the mines, Kira will send you a letter detailing the ‘entrance exam’ for joining the Band of Smiles. The exam requires you to kill 30 enemies in the mines.

Where Is The Band Of Smiles

An image of a map indicating the location of the Band of Smiles hideout in Coral Island

Once you’ve completed the entrance exam, head to the Band of Smiles guild room. You’ll find the Band of Smiles hideout in the cellar beside Kira, Jack, and Kenny’s house. You can find Kira’s house (also called The Huntress’s Cabin) by taking the northern exit of your farm and taking your first left.

The house is at the very end of the path. You could also follow the western exit from your farm and take the first right.

Head into the cellar beside Kira’s house to enter the Band of Smiles hideout. Entering the cellar for the first time will begin your initiation ceremony and induct you into the Band of Smiles as a full-fledged member. At this point, you will have access to the Band of Smiles quest board and Jio Dan’s shop.


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