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What Is The Safe Password In The Haunted House Quest Of Honkai: Star Rail

Even though the main story of Honkai: Star Rail is its biggest attraction, you’ll still have to wait a few updates to continue it if you’ve reached the end. During this time, you’ll get to play a bunch of events and even take part in Trailblaze Continuance quests like A Foxian Tale of the Haunted released in the Version 1.5 update.



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In this quest, you can join Huohuo, Hanya, Xueyi, Guinaifen, and Sushang to hunt down all the escaped Heliobi and bring them back to the Fyxestroll Garden. One of these quests will take you to a haunted house where you’ll have to open a password-protected safe.

How To Get To The Safe

Honkai Star Rail Trailblazer Searching Box In Haunted House

After talking to the house’s owner outside, you’ll have to go in with Guinaifen and Sushang. As you enter and go forward, you’ll be able to interact with a Kafka Wanted poster, which will turn evil as soon as you touch it. You’ll also get an Unusually Colored Lodestone from this poster, which will be used in the next room.

You’ll see a box on your left as you enter the next room. Use the stone on this box to get your first Courtyard Gate Key. Before you open the door near this box and head into the next room, go over to the opposite end of the room and interact with the shiny area to get the Shattered Cloud Knight Devastator Glaive.

You’ll also find an Old Bell on a yellow aura to your left after opening the door and going down the stairs.

Honkai Star Rail Tingyun Running To Box In Haunted House

After getting the bell, interact with the box in this room and use the Glaive on it to get your second key. This can be used to open the door near where Sushang and Guinaifen are standing, but make sure you interact with the spot to its right and get the Square Rice Ball before heading out of the room.

In the next and final room, you’ll see the safe in the middle and an interactable spot on the deep right end. Interact with this spot and use the bell followed by the cake. This will make some footsteps appear on the wall. Follow the footsteps and interact with the new spot to get the Rubbing Paper.

How To Open The Safe

Finally, take the Rubbing Paper back to the pillar in the first room to get the main riddle of the area. While reading this, you’ll realize that the safe’s password is T, and there are also some numbers assigned to the letters M, N, and V at the bottom. These numbers essentially mention the pattern you have to use to unlock the safe.

For example, if you want to make an M, you’d have to press seven – one – eight – three – nine in that order, which is the number assigned to the letter. So, to open the safe using the password “T”, you have to press the following numbers in the mentioned order:

After you press the button to enter two, the game will automatically finish the puzzle and you can battle the Heliobi while also learning the truth behind the Haunted House.

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