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Where To Catch A Robot Fish In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here’s where to find the elusive and futuristic Robot Fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

With Eternity Isle reachable again, a great variety of crops, fish, and materials have become available in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Some of them are pretty normal, like Yams and Strawberries, but the strange Time Rifts in the realm have caused some interesting things to appear.




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Plenty of regular fish are lurking within the bright blue waters of Eternity Isle, like Octopus and Sole, but alongside them swims the rather shiny, not-so-fleshy Robot Fish. This mechanical marvel is used in some important recipes, and it’s as rare as it is unusual, but we’ve got the details on where and how to find this futuristic fish.

How To Get Robot Fish

Player character on a wooden bridge on Eternity Isle and holding their fishing rod with an elixir on it near a orange bubbling spot in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

If you want to find this metallic fish, you’ll first need to head over to Eternity Isle, which can be accessed after unlocking the Stardust Port during the two main quests, The Port Of Many Worlds and The Secrets Of Eternity Isle.

On Eternity Isle, the Robot Fish can be fished up in the ocean in two places in Ancient Landing: at The Docks and at the Ancient Beach area to the left of The Docks that’s initially blocked off by small Sandstone Rock obstacles.

The Robot Fish can only be found within rare orange bubbling spots, but it isn’t locked to a specific time of day or weather pattern like other rare fish such as the Fugu.

You can use the Miracle Fishing Bait potion to obtain rare catches like Robot Fish quicker than waiting for a bubbling spot to appear on its own, as it causes white bubbling spots to change into orange ones when used.


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