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Yi iot Light Bulb Camera Guide info

The YI IoT light bulb camera functions as a surveillance device that seamlessly fits into a light bulb socket. Engineered to assimilate with its environment, the gadget discreetly records both video and audio.

YI IoT light bulb cameras possess identical functionalities to traditional cameras, including motion detection, night vision, and the ability to remotely access devices. These light bulb cameras emit a white light, mirroring the appearance of a regular light bulb.

When the YI IoT camera is relocated, it may experience a loss of connectivity. This could be attributed to a feeble WiFi signal or the camera being positioned too distant from the router. Additionally, obstacles in the camera’s vicinity might hinder the WiFi signal, leading to offline status.

Before incorporating the YI IoT camera, ensure it is connected to the power supply. Once the device successfully initiates, wait approximately 20 seconds and commence scanning upon hearing a beeping sound. If WiFi is unavailable or if using the YI IoT camera without internet, a direct Hotspot connection can be established. However, remote viewing, alarm notifications, and advanced features are not accessible under these circumstances, limiting usage to basic functions.

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