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Zombie Defense: The Bridge info

Finally, the strategic tower defense game that many gamers have been eagerly anticipating has been released.

Can you protect the base camp from the zombies?

It is a game where you protect the base camp on the bridge, which is guarded by the last survivors.

Join the strategic defense game, Zombie Defense: The Bridge, right now.

Collect and synthesize items to create a deck that will defend the base camp from the zombies.

Prepare to defend the base camp with powerful weapons!

Quickly defeat the zombies and hold onto the base camp with rifles that attack swiftly, shotguns with high firepower, and flamethrowers that deal damage to multiple zombies at once.

Synthesize weapon items and strategically position them to defend the base camp.

The main objective of the game is to synthesize weapons and deploy them in optimal locations to defeat the oncoming horde of zombies.

Synthesizing the same weapons will upgrade them to more powerful ones.

Additionally, as you level up the base camp, the weapons will also level up accordingly.

Supply crates are given at regular intervals, containing units of varying levels, from which you can obtain a random unit.

Use the best strategies and tactics to win battles and progress to the next level.

Unlock all the weapons and unlock new, more powerful weapons.

Use these weapons to defeat the zombies and protect the base camp.

The fate of the world rests solely on your strategies.

Are you ready? Make sure to defeat all the zombies and protect the last surviving area in the world.

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